Excel is not re-calculating when I hit F9 key!


We're in the situation where the spreadsheet in which we use NumXL for seasonal adjustment isn't calculating. The file is set to manual calculation, so I hit F9 to trigger re-calculation, they all return #N/A's.

The spreadsheet file contains tens-to-hundreds of time-series models, and they worked perfectly before, but suddenly this issue pops up.

Furthermore, If I copy any of the time series data-set and its models to a new workbook file, the models work fine in that file. What am I doing wrong?


Save the workbook file to a new file (File -> Save As), close the workbook, and open the new workbook file. This should take care of the problem.


  • We believe that the Excel workbook file is getting corrupted, but saving it to a new file remedies any inconsistency found in the workbook.


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  • Brilliant. I have tried dozens of other suggetsed solutions, but it was Save As new workbook that actually worked. Thankyou!

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