Adding NumXL as Excel Trusted Publisher


How do I add NumXL as an Excel Trusted Publisher?


Adding the NumXL Add-in as an Excel Trusted Publisher can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the security warning message itself (not the “Enable Content” button).
    Click the security warning message.
  2. Excel pops up the File “Info” screen.
    Excel info screen showing a Security Warning.
  3. Now, click on the “Enable Content” (with Shield icon) to drop down the menu, then click on “Advanced Options”.
    Press “Enable Content” and then click on “Advanced Options”.
  4. Now, the Microsoft Security option pops up and reports one or two issues related to NumXL and NumXLUI (Toolbar Add-in). There might be publishers of other Add-ins in this list as well.
    Locate NumXL, and NumXLUI issues inside the “Microsoft Office Security Options” dialog.
  5. Although the NumXL Add-in is digitally signed, the publisher is not known by you. To work around this issue, click on “Trust all documents from this publisher.” and/or "Enable all code published by this publisher".
    Select the options to trust all documents and codes from this publisher.
  6. Repeat the same resolution for the remaining issues of publishers that you trust (if any), and click OK when you're finished.
  7. Restart Microsoft Excel for the changes to take effect.

To add NumXL to a Trusted Location in Excel, please see this article: Adding NumXL to Excel Trusted Locations.


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