NumXL Pro Release Notes

Official information on NumXL releases and servicing milestones, plus resources, tools, and news about known issues and safeguards to help you plan for your next update.


Could you take a moment and locate your NumXL License key? The License key can be found in the "About NumXL" dialog box (under info) or the NumXL License Manager.

Please follow the instructions below to install the latest NumXL 1.68 release:

  1. (NumXL 1.67 users) Using the classic control panel, uninstall the prior version of NumXL.
  2. Go to the NumXL Download page and download the Installer program.
  3. Launch the installer program and follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  4. Enter the license key and email in the NumXL license manager when it's finished.

Version 1.68 (CAMEL)

(Sept 15th, 2023) NumXL 1.68.7 Build 45184 (1.68 Camel)

  1. [Fixed] Code signed all executables in the NumXL distribution using the renewed code signing certificate.
  2. [Enhanced] Updated third-party software components (e.g., Intel One API MKL 2023.2, X-13ARIMA-SEATS, etc.).

(June 13th, 2023) NumXL 1.68.6 Build 45089 (1.68 Camel)

  1. [Enhanced] Updated 3rd party components (e.g., Intel Open API MKL).
  2. [Enhanced] The installer checks and, if missing, installs the latest Visual C++ 2015-2022 runtime libraries.
  3. [Fixed] GLM_FORESD(.) misinterpreted the value of the shape factor of the link function.
  4. [Enhanced] The model-based simulation functions (i.e., *_SIM(.)) are non-volatile.
  5. [Fixed] The model calibration (*_CALIBRATE(.)) and the parameters standard errors (*_ERRORS(.)) functions return #VALUE!.
  6. [Fixed] X13ASCOMP(.) returns the output series in ascending chronicle order, regardless of the chronicle order of the input dataset.
  7. [Enhanced] Revised the localized text on calendars and holiday names.
  8. [Fixed] Johansen Cointegration Test function returns #VALUE! for data sets with two variables.
  9. [Fixed] The check for update dialog title bar shows version 1.67.
  10. [Fixed] Check for updates always advises the user of new version availability.
  11. [Fixed] NxReplace(.) returns #VALUE! when the replace text argument is missing or empty.
  12. [Fixed] NxTokenize(.) returns #VALUE! when the delimiter argument is a white space.
  13. [Fixed] SLR_GOF(.) returns #VALUE! for the following return types: 4 = LLF, 5 = AIC, and 6 = BIC.

(February 5th, 2023) NumXL 1.68.5 Build 44961 (1.68 Camel) 

  1. [Fixed] X12ACOMP() returns NA for all values.
  2. [Fixed] DFT Wizard does not apply the missing values treatment selection in the output formulas.
  3. [Fixed] X13-ARIMA-SEATS wizard does not support datasets that start with one or more missing values.

(February 2nd, 2023) NumXL 1.68.5 Build 44959 (1.68 Camel)

  1. [Changed] Added manifest XML metadata to NumXL binaries.
  2. [Changed] Updated the X-13ARIMA-SEATS to the latest version, 1.1 Build 59.
  3. [Changed] Revised NxTokenize(.) Implementation to support negative order to designate the end of the token list.
  4. [Enhanced] The NxTokenize(.) supports multiple separator characters.
  5. [Enhanced] Revised NxArrat(.) to accept either a single cell/value, row, or column in any of its arguments list.
  6. [Fixed] The NxFlatten(.) returns an error if any X or Y levels are not numbers.
  7. [Fixed] In a few cases, the output series values are not updated when the X-13ARIMA-SEATS model’s specification(s) are changed.

(September 17th, 2022) NumXL 1.68.4 Build 44820 (1.68 Camel)

  1. [Changed] Add a new interpolation method: Nearest Neighbor in NxINTRPL(.).
  2. [Changed] Add a new interpolation method: Nearest Neighbor in NxINTRPL2D(.).
  3. [Changed] The -1 (not 0) index refers to the last element in NxSubset(.).
  4. [Fixed] NxNWKDY(.) fails to return the last weekday occurrence in a given month.
  5. [Fixed] NxIsWeekend(.) fails to report dates that fall on weekends.
  6. [Fixed] NxCalendars(.) does not return a list of supported calendars if the prefix argument is blank.
  7. [Fixed] NxHLDYName(.) does not return a list of supported holidays if the prefix argument is blank.

(September 7th, 2022) NumXL 1.68.3 Build 44810 (1.68 Camel)

  1. [Fixed] INTRPL2D(.) returns an error for a data set with one or more missing values.
  2. [Changed] NxFold(.) returns X and Y levels as additional output types.
  3. [Changed] Updated U.S. Census X13ARIMA-SEATS program to version 1.1 (Build 59)

(June 4th, 2022) NumXL 1.68.2 Build 44717 (1.68 Camel)

  1. [Fixed] Migrating the X-12-ARIMA model to an equivalent X-13ARIMA-SEATS model causes Excel to freeze and stop responding in a few use-case scenarios.
  2. [Enhanced] Updated resources (EN/ES) for the X-13ARIMA-SEATS wizard and output report.

(May 23rd, 2022) NumXL 1.68.1 Build 44705 (1.68 Camel)

  1. [Enhanced] Redirected the new uninstall survey hosted on
  2. [new] Portfolio risk-statistics worksheet functions:
    Function Description
    NxCAGR Calculates the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).
    NxDWS Calculates the Downside Deviation (DWS).
    NxMDD Calculates the Maximum Drawdown (MDD).
    NxMCR Calculates the Up-/Down-Market Capture Ratio (MCR).
    NxVaR Calculates the Historical/Theoretical VaR.
    NxCVaR Calculates the Historical and Theoretical (Normal and log-Normal) Conditional VaR (CVaR).
    NxSharpe Calculates the Sharpe ratio.
    NxTreynor Calculates the Treynor ratio.
    NxCalmar calculates the Calmar ratio.
    NxCAPM calculates the CAPM Beta.
    NxJensen calculates the Jensen Alpha.
  3. [KDE Enhancement] Support for single- and double-bound domains using positive reflection (Silverman) or via transform functions (log, power, logit, probit, and cloglog).
  4. [KDE Enhancement] Support for new output types: Cumulative density function (CDF) and its inverse and bandwidth value.
  5. [KDE Enhancement] Support for calculating optimal bandwidth using Silverman rule-of-thumb or direct plug-in (Sheather & Jones)
    1. Unbiased cross-validation
    2. KDE-based Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Conditional Value-at-Risk (CVaR).
    3. Revised KDE wizard.
  6. [Enhancement] Support for arbitrary lower and upper bound for logit, probit, and cloglog functions.
  7. [Enhancement] Support for lower/upper bounds for x-domain in Box-Cox transform function.
  8. [Enhancement] Support of negative values for the start/finish arguments in NxSubset(.) to designate offsets relative to the dataset end.
  9. [Fixed] The ADF Test returned invalid critical values and P-Value in a few cases.
  10. [Enhanced] Revised the ADF Test distribution tables with more granular entries: sample size and percentiles.
  11. [Enhanced] The SUBNA(.) function support interpolation for a single or multiple times series in a single call.
  12. [Fixed] The NxFlatten(.) function returns X-Level values for both X and Y.

Version 1.67 (MARTHA)

(April 22, 2022) NumXL 1.67.20 (1.67 Martha)

  1. [Fixed] The formula generated by the X-13ARIMA-SEATS Wizard (i.e., model code) returns "#VALUE!" on non-English versions of Excel.

(Feb 14, 2022) NumXL 1.67.18 (1.67 Martha)

  1. [Enhanced/ UX] Support for local configuration in the user's local profile directory.
  2. [Enhanced/ UX] Preserve the user's local profile between version updates.
  3. [Changed] Reorganization of NumXL registry settings for the current user.
  4. [Fixed] The PCA wizard disables the OK if the worksheet name contains leading/trailing space(s).
  5. [Fixed] The Check update dialog disables the “What’s New” button if no update is available.
  6. [Enhanced] Revised the menu and toolbar’s help tips popup in Excel.

(Jan 26, 2022) NumXL 1.67.17 (1.67 Martha)

  1. [Fixed] PCA and MLR wizard generate tables with #VALUE!.

(Jan 16, 2022) NumXL (1.67 Martha)

  1. [Fixed] Forecast Wizard generates an empty table when the input time series starts with a missing value (#N/A).
  2. [Fixed] The Spanish version of the X-13ARIMA-SEATS wizard has few labels and helpful tips in English.
  3. [Fixed] The download button in the Check Update dialog opens the release note web page.
  4. [Enhanced] Update a few third-party dependencies to their most recent versions.

(Jan 1, 2022) NumXL (1.67 Martha)

  1. [Fixed] Using the manual activation method, the NumXL License Manager fails to validate activation codes for perpetual-type licenses.

(Dec 22, 2021) NumXL (1.67 Martha)

  1. [New] Full support for U.S. Census X13ARIMA-SEATS seasonal adjustment software in Microsoft Excel.
  2. [New] Provide a mechanism to migrate existing X12A models to equivalent X12ARIMA-SEATS models.

Version 1.66 (PARSON)

(Jul 7, 2021) NumXL 1.66.44383.1 (1.66 Parson)

  1. [Enhancement] Revised the algorithm in the partial autocorrelation function (PACF) to use the sample autocorrelation (ACF) values.

(Feb 8, 2021) NumXL 1.66.44235.1 (1.66 Parson)

  1. [Enhancement] Disabled the pop-up dialog when activating the NumXL add-in. When loading the add-in into Excel programmatically, the pop-up dialog disrupted the script.

(Dec 30, 2020) NumXL 1.66.44195.1 (1.66 Parson)

  1. [Fixed] X12ARIMA returns #VALUE for components after the end of the time series when the user's model is first loaded from the disk.
  2. [Fixed] X12ARIMA is not recalculating when the value of one or more observations slightly changes by a small fraction (e.g., 0.1, 0.2).

(Aug 30, 2020) NumXL 1.66.44070.1 (1.66 Parson)

  1. [Enhancement] Support for X12ARIMA lazy-loading of user's model files from disk.

(Aug 6, 2020) NumXL 1.66.44047.1 (1.66 Parson)

  1. [Enhancement] Several performance enhancements for X12ARIMA calculation to support workspace with hundreds of seasonally adjusted data models connected with the live data feed.
  2. [Fixed] Updated the security code signing certificate.

(Jan 30, 2020) NumXL 1.66.43860.1 (1.66 Parson)

  1. [Fixed] Failed to validate the semi-annual license activation for obscure cases where the number of days between today and the next renewal date exceeds 182 days.
  2. [Fixed] Incorrect Help file shortcut in the NumXL start menu.
  3. [Fixed] Incorrect subscription mode in the About NumXL box.

(Jan 24, 2020) NumXL 1.66.43854.1 (1.66 Parson)

  1. [Fixed] Excel 365 (on Windows 10) crashes upon exit sporadically.
  2. [Fixed] License manager fails to activate the license key if the e-mail address contains any upper-case letter(s).

(Dec 15, 2019) NumXL 1.66.43814.1 (1.66 Parson)

  1. [Fixed] Invoking GLM Wizard throws the "Hidden module" VBA error.

(Dec 2, 2019) NumXL 1.66.43798.1 (1.66 Parson)

  1. [New] forecast performance measure - MDA.
  2. [New] Statistical Sampling functions - NxShuffle, NxSort, NxChoose, NxSubset.
  3. [New] Technical analysis: moving-average NxMA, and exponential moving average NxEMA.
  4. [New] filters: NxCMA (MA, Henderson, Spencer, etc.), NxSMA (Seasonal MA).
  5. [Enhanced] Interpolation (1-D): added two spline interpolation methods: Akima and Steffen's (monotonic) - NxINTRPL
  6. [New] Interpolation (2-D): two(2) dimensional bi-linear and bi-cubic interpolation methods.
  7. [New] Non-parametric one(1) dimensional Regression:
    1. K nearest neighbor (K-NN) regression - NxKNN
    2. Kernel Regression - NxKREG
    3. Local Regression - NxLOCREG

NumXL 1.65 (HAMMOCK)

(November 25, 2019) NumXL 1.65.43791.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Calendar and Holiday functions return #N/A!

(October 18, 2019) NumXL 1.65.43756.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] VBA Error 424 -Object not found - under Excel 2007 only.

(October 16, 2019) NumXL 1.65.43754.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Error in ADF Test statistics calculation for small-sized (e.g., 12) data sets with a large number of lags (e.g., 10).

(October 2, 2019) NumXL 1.65.43740.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhancement] Toolbar VBA code changes to mitigate issues caused by Microsoft Windows update (KB4511553).

(August 21, 2019) NumXL 1.65.43698.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Redirect license activation requests to our new platform for a more timely response.

(June 13, 2019) NumXL 1.65.43628.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Manual activation network timed out. Updated the activation page URL directly to

(June 5, 2019) NumXL 1.65.43621.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Multiple regression wizard generates empty output tables if the worksheet name has a blank(s).
  2. [Enhanced] Support for worksheet names with special characters (e.g., apostrophe, single/double-quote, exclamation mark, etc.).

(May 24, 2019) NumXL 1.65.43609.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Allow users to select a target installation directory.
  2. [Enhanced] Updated 3rd party components (e.g., MKL).
  3. [Fixed] E-mail address validation rule(s) in License Manager.

(Jan 20, 2019) NumXL 1.65.43485.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Windows 10 requests elevated mode permission to run the NumXL license manager.

(Aug 22, 2018) NumXL 1.65.43334.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Resigned all binary files with the renewed digital security certificate.

(Aug 8, 2018) NumXL 1.65.43320.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] EGARCH_CALIBRATE returns #VALUE for valid inputs.

(Jan 29, 2018) NumXL 1.65.43129.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] ARMAX Wizard returns #VALUE in the output table.
  2. [Fixed] Hurst exponent function returns infinity for data series with a significant sequence of constant values.

(Nov 28, 2017) NumXL 1.65.43067.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Fourier Transform wizard throws an error in a worksheet with very long worksheet tab names.

(Aug 22, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42968.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Improved checking for universal CRT files on the user's machine, before NumXL installation.

(July 14, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42930.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Excel crashes when Quantum XL (From SigmaZone) and NumXL Add-ins are enabled/Loaded in Excel.

(July 10, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42922.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Support for multiplicative trend/seasonality type when log-transform is enabled in the GESMTH function.

(June 23, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42908.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Installer verifies that Windows OS and Microsoft Excel meet the minimum requirements.

(June 6, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42892.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] On Windows 7/8/8.1 machines with missing required UCRT Windows Update (KB2999226), an error is triggered upon Excel startup: "Error during initializing the locality system".

(May 30, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42885.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] GESMTH returns #N/A when trend-type is set to None (0).
  2. [New] (Windows 10 requirement) Dual Code Signing with SHA1 & SHA256 hashing Algorithm for NumXL components.
  3. [New] (Windows 10 requirement) Time-stamping the NumXLUI (Toolbar) VBA code signing certificate using SHA256 Algorithm.

(May 22, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42877.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Intermittent error occurs during the initialization of the locality subsystem.

(May 19, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42872.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [New] Forecasting performance measures: MASE, PB, MSE, MRAE, MdRAE, GMRAE, etc.
  2. [New] Generic single seasonality exponential smoothing function.
  3. [New] Support for additive/multiplicative seasonality, (damped) additive/multiplicative trend, adjustment for forecast error auto-correlations, and more.
  4. [Enhanced] Integration help system in Excel with online documentation.
  5. [Enhanced] Revamped the calibration of the optimal smoothing parameters for existing functions.
  6. [Enhanced] Performance enhancements and efficient memory utilization.
  7. [Fixed] Several reported defects and bugs.

NumXL 1.64 (TURRET)

(Feb 22th, 2017) - NumXL 1.64.42788.1 (1.64 TURRET) Update III

  1. [Fixed] In Excel 2007, the X12-ARIMA wizard throws an error when the user presses the "run" button.

(Jan 16th, 2017) - NumXL 1.64.42751.1 (1.64 TURRET) Update II

  1. [Fixed] Excel Solver crashes under Windows 7 (32-bit) with one(1) (or less) GB of memory.

(Jan 5th, 2017) - NumXL 1.64.42740.1 (1.64 TURRET) Update I

  1. [Fixed] Selecting a non-empty output cell range triggers an error in the multi-collinearity test wizard.

(Dec 25th, 2016) - NumXL 1.64.42724.1 (1.64 TURRET)

  1. [New] Multi-language support infrastructure support.
  2. [New] Include Spanish localization.
  3. [New] Support for Re-sampling functionality.
  4. [New] Support for periodogram functionality.
  5. [Enhanced] Auto-detect subscription renewal, and automatic license reactivation.
  6. [Dropped] Support for Installing NumXL for all users on the local machine.
  7. [Dropped] Support for Excel 97/2003. The minimum requirement for running NumXL is Excel 2007 or later.


(Sept 30, 2016) - NumXL 1.63.42643.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 15

  1. [Enhanced] Added support for calculation method for the ACF to include sample ACF, periodogram-based estimate, and cross-correlation-based estimate.

(Sept 22, 2016) - NumXL 1.63.42636.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 14

  1. [Fixed] NumXL fails to properly interpret the activation code(s) of newly issued annual license keys.

(Sept 9, 2016) - NumXL 1.63.42622.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 13

  1. [Update] Renew the secure digital code signature.

(June 14, 2016) - NumXL 1.63.42534.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 12

  1. [Fixed] ARMA, ARIMA, and SARIMA: When P or Q is zero, these wizards generate bad values in the model output table.

(May 16, 2016) - NumXL 1.63.42502.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 11

  1. [Fixed] KDE wizard does not accept bandwidth value in an international format.
  2. [Fixed] KDE and DFT Wizards throw an error when using the backspace and clearing the content of fields.

(Feb 2, 2016) - NumXL 1.63.42402.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 10

  1. [Fixed] Updated the online resources links.

(Oct 20, 2015) - NumXL 1.63.42297.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 9

  1. [Fixed] Support for Microsoft Office 2016.

(July 10, 2015) - NumXL 1.63.42194.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 8

  1. [Fixed] Error in EWXCF calculation for very small sample sizes.

(Feb 23, 2015) - NumXL 1.63.42058.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 7

  1. [Fixed] Error in MLR_FORE output when using mask variable.

(Dec 12, 2014) - NumXL 1.63.41985.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 6

  1. [Fixed] NUM-277: Error in MLR ANOVA table when the number of independent variables equals one(1) (i.e., SLR).

(Dec 2, 2014) - NumXL 1.63.41975.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 5

  1. [Fixed] A space in the worksheet name causes MLR (and step-wise regression) wizard to output empty tables.

(Sept 29, 2014) - NumXL 1.63.41911.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 4

  1. [Fixed] Replaced the expired code signing certificate with a new one.

(July 21, 2014) - NumXL 1.63.41841.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 3

  1. [Fixed] NumXL regression wizard triggers an error: internal error in hidden module "utilities."

(July 4, 2014) - NumXL 1.63.41825.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 2

  1. [Fixed] NumXL wizards trigger an internal error when the worksheet name contains space, commas, or hyphens.
  2. [Fixed] NumXL wizards trigger an internal error when input and output cell ranges span multiple worksheets.
  3. [Fixed] Stationary test wizard triggers an error when a user enters manually (keyed in) the cells' address (e.g., b4:b112) rather than selecting cells
  4. [Fixed] The "About NumXL" dialog shows an incorrect release name (i.e., DEWDROP).
  5. [Fixed] Typos in the PCA output table

(June 20, 2014) - NumXL 1.63.41810.1 (SHAMROCK) Update 1

  1. [Fixed] MLR_FORE returns bad values when used with one independent variable (i.e., SLR).

(June 05, 2014) - NumXL 1.63.41794.1 (1.63 SHAMROCK)

  1. [New] New models: ARIMA, SARIMA, ARMAX and SARIMAX
  2. [New] Model-based and Monte-Carlo Simulation Support.
  3. [New] Support for a subset of the lags list in ARMA-family models.
  4. [New] Support calculating optimal coefficients' values in the model wizard.
  5. [New] Generate excel-type notes in the output labels or headers cells to illustrate their meaning/purpose.
  6. [Enhanced] Revised functions for calculating optimal coefficient values and their standard errors.

NumXL 1.62 (DEWDROP)

(May 29th, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41788.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 20

  1. [Fixed] MLR Wizard fails to generate ANOVA or Parameters table for data-set with 33000 or more observations.

(May 28th, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41787.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 19

  1. [Fixed] GLM wizard generates invalid values for the calibrated parameters.
  2. [Fixed] PCA Wizard is taking too long to generate the PCA output of a data-set with 200 or more factors.

(May 13th, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41772.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 18

  1. [Fixed] The GARCH- in the mean (GARCH-M) generates invalid values for the parameters when the user selects GED or Student's t-distribution for shocks/innovations.

(May 6th, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41765.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 17

  1. [Fixed] Error in the formulas generated by the Fourier (FFT) wizard for non-English Excel.

(Mar 24th, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41722.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 16

  1. [Fixed] The formulas generated by the forecast wizard for ARMA(p,0) or ARMA(0,q) are invalid.

(Feb 24th, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41709.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 15

  1. [Fixed] In a few cases, the US Census x12a.exe program was taking a long time to finish causing NumXL to time out.

(Feb 24th, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41694.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 14

  1. [Fixed] In a few cases, Excel solver fails to find an optimal solution for GARCH models with GED or student's t distributed innovations.

(Feb 17th, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41687.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 13

  1. [Fixed] X12ARIMA model's identifier in few cases included spaces(s) breaking X12-related functions.
  2. [Enhanced] Updated Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) to version 11.1 (update 2)

(Feb 11th, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41681.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 12

  1. [Fixed] X12ARIMA model's identifier in few cases included comma(s) breaking X12-related functions.

(Feb 2nd, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41674.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 11

  1. [Enhanced] Changed the minimum number of observations for an ADF test to 10.
  2. [Enhanced] Improved the resolution (i.e. number of entries) of the ADF probability tables.
  3. [Enhanced] Added "trend-only" variant/scenario for the ADF test.

(Jan 31, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41670.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 10

  1. [Fixed] WMA, NxTrend and exponential smoothing functions return #NUM! for very short time series.

(Jan 30, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41669.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 9

  1. [Fixed] Computation error in MAPE/SMAPE calculation..

(Jan 27, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41664.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 8

  1. [Fixed] Compatibility issue with Office 2013 and Windows 8 (64-bit) causing X12ARIMA wizard to crash.

(Jan 20, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41659.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 7

  1. [Enhancement] Revised Hurst Exponent function to support smaller data set (9 vs. 96).
  2. [Enhancement] Support for Annis-Peters-LIyod algorithm for size-corrected Hurst component.
  3. [Enhancement] Installer support for users' machines with multiple Excel installations.

(Jan 2, 2014) - NumXL 1.62.41641.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 6

  1. [Fixed] The coefficients' initial values generated by GARCH Wizard are bad.

(Dec 16, 2013) - NumXL 1.62.41630.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 5

  1. [New] Support for installing NUmXL on an unlimited number of machines.

(Dec 10, 2013) - NumXL 1.62.41618.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 3

  1. [Enhancement] EWMA detrends (i.e., subtracts the mean of) the input time series before calculating the estimated volatility.
  2. [Enhancement] EWMA uses the square of the first observation value for initial volatility.

(Dec 5, 2013) - NumXL 1.62.41613.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 2

  1. [Fixed] Error triggered by stationary test wizard on non-US excel users.
  2. [Fixed] Default number of histogram bins is incorrect (i.e., 2).
  3. [Fixed] Choosing an output range on a different worksheet than data triggers an error.

(Nov 27, 2013) - NumXL 1.62.41605.1 (1.62 DEWDROP) Update 1

  1. [Fixed] Upon upgrade from 1.61, the NumXL entries in the Excel Add-ins manager are missing.

(Nov 24, 2013) - NumXL 1.62.41603.1 (1.62 DEWDROP)

  1. [New] Support for Hodrick-Prescott (HP) filters.
  2. [New] Support for cointegration testing.
  3. [New] Support for convolution operator.
  4. [New] NumXL Software development kit for VBA.

NumXL 1.61 (BOLAS)

(Nov 7, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41585.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 13

  1. [Fixed] Excel Solver (in a few cases) encounters an error while calibrating the GARCH model.

(Oct 31, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41578.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 12

  1. [Fixed] ARMA model function (ARMA) causes Excel to crash in a few situations.

(Oct 9, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41556.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 11

  1. [Fixed] Trend function (NxTrend) calculates the adjusted R-Squared, instead of the plain R-Squared.

(Sept 27, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41544.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 10

  1. [Fixed] Stationary Test Wizard throws an error dialog for non-US Excel installations.

(Sept 26, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41543.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 9

  1. [Fixed] Regression and regression stability Wizards generate empty output tables for non-US Excel installations.

(Sept 18, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41536.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 8

  1. [Fixed] The "Run X-12" button in the X12-ARIMA wizard remains disabled.

(July 30, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41485.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 7

  1. [Fixed] NumXL functions disappear in the fx menu.
  2. [New] Compatibility check-in NumXL installer for the existing excel installation on the user's machine.

(July 22, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41477.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 6

  1. [Fixed] support for smaller monthly time series in X-12-ARIMA.

(July 21, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41476.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 5

  1. [New] Support for Hodrick-Prescott (HP) filters

(July 17, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41472.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 4

  1. [New] Support for a semi-annual subscription.
  2. [Fixed] Forecast icon is disabled occasionally, and an Excel restart is needed to re-enable it.

(July 10, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41465.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 3

  1. [Fixed] X11 seasonal adjustment does not work for smaller monthly time series (less than 39 observations).

(July 9, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41464.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 2

  1. [Fixed] X11 seasonal adjustment does not work for smaller quarterly time series (less than 26 observations).

(July 7, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41462.1 (1.61 BOLAS) Update 1

  1. [Fixed] NumXL fails to load for computers with slow network connectivity.
  2. [Fixed] EDF and KDE wizards trigger an error when generating the graph or plot.

(June 20, 2013) - NumXL 1.61.41445.1 (1.61 BOLAS)

  1. [New] Wizard for Empirical distribution function (EDF).
  2. [New] Wizard for Kernel density estimation (KDE).
  3. [New] Wizard for Fourier Transform and its inverse.
  4. [Fixed] IDFT calculation issue for odd-sized time series

NumXL 1.60 (APACHE )

(June 7, 2013) - NumXL 1.60.41432.1 (1.60 APACHE VI) Update 6

  1. [Fixed] X12ACOMP returns #NUM! for smaller data sets.

(May 31, 2013) - NumXL 1.60.41425.1 (1.60 Apache V) Update 5

  1. [Fixed] X12ACOMP returns #N/A for large data sets in manual calculation mode.
  2. [New] Missing values handling with X-12-ARIMA
  3. [New] X-12-ARIMA support for large data set (> 600)

(May 30, 2013) - NumXL 1.60.41424.1 (1.60 Apache IV) Update 4

  1. [Fixed] Regression wizard requires two explanatory (aka independent) variables. Does not accept a simple linear regression (SLR) model.

(May 28, 2013) - NumXL 1.60.41422.1 (1.60 Apache III) Update 3

  1. [Fixed] the winter's triple exponential smoothing functions returns #VALUE! in the first season, should return #N/A.

(May 24, 2013) - NumXL 1.60.41418.1 (1.60 Apache II) Update 2

  1. [Fixed] The forecast icon in NumXL tab is disabled.

(May 21, 2013) - NumXL 1.60.41415.1 (1.60 Apache I) Update 1

  1. [Fixed] Unable to update to version 1.60

(May 20, 2013) - NumXL 1.60.41413.1 (1.60 Apache)

  1. [New] Regression analysis and modeling
  2. [New] Regression Stability Test (Chow test)
  3. [New] Principal Component Regression (PCR)
  4. [New] Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  5. [New] Multicollinearity tests

NumXL 1.59 (TUCSON)

(May 14, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41407.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 14)

  1. [Fixed] NumXL does not handle input data set that contains invalid numeric values (i.e., Infinity). The issue occurred when a user opened a spreadsheet file that was saved with erroneous formulas or calculations.

(May 10, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41404.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 13)

  1. [Fixed] Calibrating the GLM model using MS Excel solver fails and returns NUM! values. (variance (dispersion) gets negative).
  2. [Fixed] X-12-ARIMA occasionally fails to converge while estimating the AR and MA coefficient values.
  3. [Fixed] The HISTBIN returns an error for the last bin limits.

(April 11, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41374.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 12)

  1. [New] Support for critical value and test statistics (e.g., Z-score, t-stat, Q-stat, etc.) in all NumXL test statistics functions and wizards.

(April 8, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41372.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 11)

  1. [New] Added menu and toolbar items for commonly supported topics (e.g., getting started, NumXL community, reference manual, etc.).
  2. [New] Automatic and on-demand check for availability of new version or update of NumXL.
  3. [New] No need to manually invoke the uninstaller whenever you wish to install a new version/update.

(April 2, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41366.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 10)

  1. [Fixed] Error in X-12-ARIMA with quarterly data.
  2. [Fixed] NxNetWorkDays function always returns #NUM!.

(March 13, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41346.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 9)

  1. [Fixed] NumXL "Calibrate" menu and icon do not work in German-version of Excel.

(March 8, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41341.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 8)

  1. [Fixed] NumXL "About box" states that my license is expired.

(March 6, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41339.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 7)

  1. [Fixed] X-12-ARIMA model does not work when I select Easter effect prior-adjustment.

(February 19, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41325.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 6)

  1. [Fixed] VBA Error 5 while loading NumXL in Korean-version of Excel 2003.

(January 30, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41304.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 5)

  1. [Fixed] NumXL installer does not recognize my Excel 2013 (64-bit).

(January 24, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41298.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 4)

  1. [Fixed] The calculation of the optimal values for the exponential smoothing functions parameters does not converge to a solution in a few special cases and returns #NUM!.
  2. [Fixed] The Normality, White-noise, ARCH Effect Test, and Stationary Test Wizards/Forms (i.e. via the toolbar) trigger an error on non-US Excel versions.

(January 22, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41295.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 3)

  1. [Fixed] NumXL does not recognize license keys that are in lower case (e.g. 79f7-c8-96-01-xxxx).

(January 21, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41294.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 2)

  1. [Solved] Using FRED quarterly data with NumXL's X-12-ARIMA function.
  2. [Fixed] License Manager rejects the activation codes generated during the manual activation process for older license keys.

(January 14, 2013) - NumXL 1.59.41288.1 (1.59 Tucson Update 1)

  1. [Solved] X-12-ARIMA stops working with Bloomberg add-in enabled.
  2. [Solved] The MAPE function always returns a value of 200.

(December 3, 2012) - NumXL 1.59.41245.1 (1.59 Tucson)

  1. New: Support for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013.

NumXL 1.58 (BAJA)

(October 15, 2012) - NumXL 1.58.41197.1 (1.58 BAJA)

  1. New: HASNA function checks whether the input array contains a missing value(s), and returns TRUE or FALSE.
  2. New: SUBNA function returns an array of cells of a time series after substituting all missing values with the mean/median, user-defined, or interpolated values.
  3. Enhanced: Search for optimal values of the smoothing factors in the exponential smoothing functions (i.e. SESMTH, DESMTH, LESMTH, and TESMTH).
  4. New: Histogram Wizard.
  5. New: QQ-Plot Wizard.
  6. New: Normality Test Wizard.
  7. New: White Noise Test Wizard.
  8. New: ARCH Effect Test Wizard.
  9. New: Stationary Test Wizard.

NumXL 1.57 (SINGA)

(September 19, 2012) - NumXL 1.57.41171.1 (1.57 SINGA)

  1. Fixed: GARCHM_FORECI function returns #VALUE! when realized sigmas' argument is missing.
  2. Fixed: GARCHM and GARCH model functions return #N/A when the argument for the innovation distribution type is missing.

(September 17, 2012) - NumXL 1.57.41168.2 (1.57 SINGA)

  1. New support for U.S. Census X-12-ARIMA modeling - Seasonal adjustment, trend filtering, model identification, and forecast.
  2. New function for Utilities: Least-squares regression.
  3. New functions for Empirical distribution: kernel density estimate (KDE), Empirical distribution function (EDF), and its inverse.
  4. New functions for statistics of fit: SSE, RMSE, RMSD, MAPE, MAE, and others.

NumXL 1.56 (ZEBRA)

(June 4, 2012) - NumXL 1.56.41064.3 - maintenance release II (1.56 ZEBRA)

  1. Fixed minor issues with histogram and EDF Functions.

(June 1, 2012) - NumXL 1.56.41061.1 - maintenance release (1.56 ZEBRA)

  1. Fixed minor issues with the date and holidays Functions.

(May 31, 2012) - NumXL 1.56.41060.2 - New version (1.56 ZEBRA)

  1. New functions for Date - date adjustment, date rolling, weekday, and workdays calculation.
  2. New functions for Weekend - Western, international weekends, and long-weekends support
  3. New functions for Holidays - U.S. and non-U.S.-based holidays.
  4. New function for Calendars - public/government and bank holidays calendars.
  5. New functions for Utilities: pattern-based text searching/replace.

NumXL 1.55 (LYNX)

(May 11th, 2012) - NumXL 1.55.41040.2 - New version (1.55 LYNX)

  1. New functions for Trend analysis - linear, polynomial, power, exponential, and logarithm.
  2. New functions for Spectral analysis - Discrete Fourier Transform and its inverse.
  3. New functions for Histogram (number of bins heuristics, bin limits), and empirical distribution function.
  4. New function for empirical sample distribution probability and cumulative functions.
  5. New functions for Descriptive Statistics: Inter-quartile range (IQR).
  6. Revised the correlation function (XCF) to support additional calculation methods: Pearson, Spearman, and Kendall.
  7. New statistical significance test for the correlation factor (XCF) estimated by Pearson, Spearman, and Kendall methods.
  8. New statistical test for the correlation factor (XCF) estimated by Pearson, Spearman, and Kendall methods.
  9. New unit-root and stationarity test using the Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) test.

NumXL 1.54 (RED)

(May 2nd, 2012) - NumXL 1.54.41030.2 - New version (1.54 RED)

  1. Added functions for transform algorithms: Logit, Probit, complementary log-log, and added a new return (LLF) type for existing BoxCox.
  2. Added descriptive statistics functions: MD, MAD, RMD, Quantile, RMS, Long-run variance (LRVar), Gini Coefficient, and Hurst Exponent.
  3. Added function for time series smoothing techniques: (Winter's) triple exponential smoothing (account for seasonality).

NumXL 1.53 (SAC)

(April 25th, 2012) - NumXL 1.53.41023.1 - New version (1.53 SAC)

  1. Added functions for transform algorithms: BoxCox, seasonal Difference (DIFF), Integration (INTG), etc.
  2. Added functions for time series smoothing techniques: (Brown's) simple exponential smoothing, (Holt-Winters's) double exponential smoothing, (Brown's) Linear exponential smoothing, and, revamped weighted moving average function
  3. Re-organized function categories: the functions are organized under nine categories: Descriptive stats, Statistical tests, Transform, Smoothing, ARMA Analysis, GARCH Analysis, Combo models, Factor Analysis, and Utilities.

NumXL 1.52 (ORB)

(January 26th, 2012) - NumXL 1.52.40934.5 - New version

  1. Revamped support for generalized linear models (GLM):
    • Added a new menu, toolbar, and Wizard to assist users with GLM construction
    • Added support for two new link functions: the probit and complementary log-log, for the Binomial GLM
    • Added support for calibration using Excel solver.
    • Added residual diagnosis and Goodness-of-fit functions (e.g. GLM_LLF, GLM_AIC, GLM_RSQ).
  2. Fixed an issue in the license manager related to network time-out during the activation process.

NumXL 1.51 (ORB)

(September 23th, 2011) - NumXL 1.51 (ORB) - Maintenance Release

  1. improvement product diagnosis and troubleshooting
  2. major enhancement on the license management
    • retrieve license key
    • generate new license key automatically
  3. forms made simpler
  4. integrated with new manual activation form online, for activation code
  5. various minor fixes

NumXL 1.50 (FINAL)

(June 14th, 2011) - NumXL 1.5 (FINAL) - Official Release


  1. [NEW] (Start Menu) Custom icons, shortcuts
  2. [NEW] (Start Menu) NumXL is now stored in its own folder, rather than under Spider Financial
  3. [NEW] (Start Menu) License Manager and uninstallation now available
  4. [NEW] Can detect previous installation (SP3 and lower)
  5. [NEW] Can detect whether Excel is running before installing or uninstalling
  6. [REVISED] Installation time and pages have been cut down, enhancing user experience by removing unnecessary steps
  7. [REVISED] Enhanced installation readability, use, and stability
  8. [REVISED] Enhanced support for single-user installation
  9. [UPDATED] New graphics, logo
  10. [UPDATED] (License Manager) automatically launches at the end of the installation, is not dependent on the installation anymore (can be launched at a later time)
  11. [UPDATED] (License Manager) Direct Connection automatically shows license key, if available/activated previously
  12. [UPDATED] (License Manager) Manual Activation includes license key, if available, and machine ID
  13. [FIXES] Miscellaneous code fixes and enhancements
  14. [REMOVED] Documentation and case studies from installation, moved to website

User Interface (UI)

  1. [NEW] Airline, Forecast Models
  2. [NEW] Nag Window
  3. [NEW] Excel 2003 has now custom icons relevant to NumXL
  4. [UPDATED] Excel 2007 and 2010 icons
  5. [FIXES] Enhances usability, miscellaneous fixes


  1. [UPDATED] New models, examples
  2. [MOVED] Moved the documentation from the installer to the website
  3. [REVISED] Help file

NumXL 1.0

(October 1st, 2009) - NumXL 1.0

  1. Added Function, EWXCF, to compute the correlation time series using exponential weighted volatility and covariance.
  2. Added Functions to calibrate the user's model(s). The need for such functions arises in the model's parameter stability and back-testing using rolling windows.
  3. Added Support for building hybrid models (e.g. ARMA for the mean and GARCH for the vol, GLM+ARMA for the mean and EGARCH for the vol, etc.)
  4. Added Generalized Linear Model (GLM) to the list of supported models. The GLM is introduced to present linear models for exogenous factors (e.g. calendar events, economical data, etc.)
  5. MINOR: NumXL clears any messages posted to Excel's status bar upon loading.
  6. Added Calibration (i.e. model fitting) functionality to NumXL UI's menu and toolbar. Upon selection, NumXL initializes the Solver's Add-in fields with the selected model's values and launches it on screen.


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